In response to feedback, and to combat the ever-increasing fees on ETH, DYNMT is now also available on BSC.

As a reminder, both BEP20 / BSC and ETH chains are live so it is not mandatory to swap your tokens. You can still use on ETH chain as normal.


Send your tokens to this dedicated address and receive the BEP-20 or ERC20 version DYNMT tokens.


If you send ERC-20 DYNMT, you will receive BEP-20 DYNMT. …

As mentioned in our roadmap, we will be rewarding Dynamite Token holders with an airdrop in August 2021.

Eligible participants will need to meet the following criteria:

•Your Dynamite Token balance must be 1000 DYNMT or greater before 31 August 2021, 23.59 pm GMT (UTC)
•Your tokens must be in your personal wallet (not on exchanges) and must be visible on https://etherscan.io or bscscan.com.

Airdrop Distribution will be as follows:

1000–2000 DYNMT Holders will receive 8% of total balance.
2000–4000 DYNMT Holders will receive 10% of total balance.
4000 or greater DYNMT Holders will receive 12% of total balance.



To celebrate the launch of DYNMT on BSC Chain we will be running a campaign from now until 31 August 2021.

During the campaign, we will be giving you the opportunity to add liquidity for the chance to receive a free exclusive NFT created by the Dynamite Token Team.

Read on to find out how you can take part!

How to Add Liquidity to Pancakeswap

To add liquidity, make sure you have enough BNB available in your BSC Chain wallet (we recommend Trust or MetaMask) then enter the following address into your DApp browser page:

Earning Your Free NFTs


DYNMT Token 2021 Plans

We are pleased to share with you our initial plans for DYNMT for 2021.
We will keep you updated on our activities but please share your feedback and suggestions with us and we will continue to take this on board.

Given the current situation, and as DYNMT is already listed on several high quality exchanges, we do not plan to list on further exchanges at this time. However, we will continue to seek opportunities to enter major exchanges in future.

B.Cryptocritique Platform:
We aim to continue progressing Cryptocritoque in line with the roadmap. We will…

What is Dynamite Token?

Dynamite Token (DYNMT) is a deflationary token with a % burn rate. This means that, for every 100 tokens transferred, 2 are destroyed forever.

DYNMT was created in July 2019 with a low supply of 900,000 tokens. The idea is that decreasing supply will help to drive demand. In the first year it was listed on 9 key exchanges including Bithumb Global, Hotbit, Mercatox, Bilaxy, SWFT and more. It has attracted over 20,000 Twitter followers and 16,000 Telegram followers.

What also makes this token unique is that it is a community-based token with no funding. It…

Dear community, First of all, we would like to greet all our members. Dynamite Token started as a community project about 15 months ago. All tokens currently in circulation were distributed to the community free of charge, and some of them were distributed for free to exchanges for marketing activities during the listing periods. The core purpose of the project was to test the burning-enabled smart contract and to share the developments with the community.

However, we are aware that the community has set high expectations for the project as a result of how much it has grown. During our…

DYNMT Holders Airdrop

As we mentioned in our roadmap, we are conducting an airdrop for holders in July 2020.

Please see below for the Airdrop Distribution Terms:

  • A total of 2000 DYNMT will be allocated to this airdrop
    • The top 10 DYNMT holders will be rewarded from the prize pool based on the amount they hold
    • Snapshot of token balances will be taken on Friday 31 July 2020, 23.59 pm GMT (UTC).
    • Your tokens must be in your personal wallet (not on exchanges) and must be visible on https://etherscan.io
  • Please be aware that there will be a…

DYNMT Token Burn Announcement

Hello DYNMT community

We previously had a token burn activity planned which we had to cancel for various reasons. We have taken your feedback on board and are aware of your disappointment about this cancellation.

Since the DYNMT project will soon be one year old, and to commemorate this occasion, we have decided to restart the burning plan.

In this context, an equal level of burning was determined for all tokens that were transferred during the first year. This amount corresponds to approximately 60 thousand tokens.

The burn process will take place as highlighted below:


To our very valuable DYNMT community:

The total amount of coins, as you know, is 860 thousand and the amount in circulation is around 300 thousand. As we promised, we are making great efforts to advance the project in a fully motivated way and with huge commitment

Since we do not have an ICO process, we strive to use the tokens we have reserved for development very carefully and with maximum effort.

As a result of the support and efforts of the team so far, DYNMT has been listed on 9 high-quality exchanges despite the fact that we have only…

Dynamite Token Team

DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.

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