Dynamite Token Team
3 min readSep 8, 2020

Dear community, First of all, we would like to greet all our members. Dynamite Token started as a community project about 15 months ago. All tokens currently in circulation were distributed to the community free of charge, and some of them were distributed for free to exchanges for marketing activities during the listing periods. The core purpose of the project was to test the burning-enabled smart contract and to share the developments with the community.

However, we are aware that the community has set high expectations for the project as a result of how much it has grown. During our first year, DYNMT has grown more than expected and has gained increased recognition from a number of exchanges. In addition, we planned and implemented the Work For Crypto (WFC) project as a potential solution to creating a use case for DYNMT. However, we sadly had to stop the project after putting a lot of effort into it due to the high costs and needs associated with it.

As a result of this we met with many software developers, listened to, and examined ideas for use cases from everyone, including you. We are pleased to say that we have succeeded in adding professional software developers to the company who each have at least 15 years of experience in their field and have worked on many professional projects. The software team has been working non-stop for about two weeks on the use-case platform which will be launched in the near future. As of the last week of September, we are planning to release the Alpha Test version of our platform. We will update the general development process of the project onto the roadmap after it has launched.

Plans for the Near Future (1–12 Months)

  1. In order to increase the quality of the new platform, we plan to continuously improve in line with feedback from the community.

2. After the launch of the new platform, we plan to speed up promotional activities for the DYNMT project.

3. We are preparing for major listings and talks with exchanges.

Distant Future Plans (12 + Months)

  1. Studies / research will be carried out for the DYNMT project to switch to its mainnet. If we prove to be successful in the mainnet business, we aim to use our own network on our own platforms.

2. Our general opinion regarding DEFI, which you have also suggested, is as follows: DEFI projects have started to launch in BETA version. While there is a tremendous interest in these projects now, there are many price fluctuations and the future projects of tomorrow are a mystery. For this reason, we did not find it appropriate to create a project about DEFI. Considering the security vulnerabilities of ETHEREUM smart contracts, we need to observe whether or not these projects will continue in the long run. Since a great amount of time is spent on each new project and there are certain installation and operating costs, we need to be careful. However, we are closely following DEFI practices and will consider integrating it into the DYNMT ecosystem if we feel the conditions are right.

Finally, as you know, we are currently running our 10,000 DYNMT monthly burning programme. After September’s token burn we will cease this initiative to enable us to meet the needs of our new platform.

We know you have been waiting for an update on progress and we want to reassure you that the team are 100% committed to the project. It has been a challenging year for everyone but we are confident in the future of DYNMT and we hope that this update will provide you with a glimpse of what’s to come and that it leaves you as excited as we are.

DYNMT is back with a bang!



Dynamite Token Team

DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.