Dynamite Token Team
1 min readJun 9, 2020


DYNMT Token Burn Announcement

Hello DYNMT community

We previously had a token burn activity planned which we had to cancel for various reasons. We have taken your feedback on board and are aware of your disappointment about this cancellation.

Since the DYNMT project will soon be one year old, and to commemorate this occasion, we have decided to restart the burning plan.

In this context, an equal level of burning was determined for all tokens that were transferred during the first year. This amount corresponds to approximately 60 thousand tokens.

The burn process will take place as highlighted below:

June 26, 2020 : 10,000 DYNMT,
July 26, 2020: 10,000 DYNMT,
Aug 26, 2020 : 10,000 DYNMT
Sept 26, 2020: 10,000 DYNMT,
Oct 26, 2020: 10,000 DYNMT
Nov 26, 2020: 10,000 DYNMT

Announcements regarding the token burns will take place on the same day and will be communicated through our social media channels.

The necessary updates will also be made on the 2020 roadmap to reflect the activities related to this token burn.



Dynamite Token Team

DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.