Introducing Dynamite Token (DYNMT)

What is Dynamite Token?

Dynamite Token (DYNMT) is a deflationary cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. It was born on 21 June 2019 with an initial supply of 900,000 tokens and a 2% burn rate. This means that, for every transfer made, 2% of the transaction is destroyed.

For example, for every 100 DYNMT transferred, 2 DYNMT is burnt and for every 10 DYNMT transferred, 0.2 tokens are burnt.

You can see the up to date live supply on our website.

Why does this matter? Well, with lower supply we expect demand for DYNMT to increase. We have seen evidence of this with similar projects and within our first months of launch, as shown below:

DYNMT 90 day chart on Coingecko

What is the Aim of Dynamite Token?

Dynamite Token aims to become the best-known deflationary currency of the crypto world and to provide results that will aid academic studies. We also believe Dynamite Token will help to resolve the issue of token velocity by having a 2% burn rate.

Community Matters

To date we have built up a strong and active community of over 28,000 followers on Twitter and over 24,000 followers on Telegram .We believe that our community is our biggest asset and our greatest competitive advantage.

Unlike many projects, we didn’t have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Instead, 60% of DYNMT will be given away to our community for free through games, quizzes and competitions, with 30% being reserved for marketing and development, and 10% being locked up in team wallets.

You can find out more about our lock-up plan here. We have shared this plan with our community as we believe in full transparency and we want them to know that they can trust us

Speaking of our community, here’s what some of them had to say:

“I’ve reviewed your project. To be honest, you’re doing really well. I’m in pursuit now” — mieit, via Telegram

“The Dynamite Team is the most diligent team I’ve ever seen” — John Sm, via Telegram

“Dynamite Token is a deflationary token that serves as a reserve of value. A nice token with a great community” — LSV, via Twitter

“I’m glad that the Dynamite Team provides an excellent opportunity for all people. A very open and most generous project. Enables everyone to receive additional income in the market through investing. Let’s support this project.” — Tenor, via Twitter

Progress So Far

It has been a busy few months. We have finished both of our airdrops, partnered with companies including coingecko, coinmarketcap, coinscalendar, coinstats, and coincodex and we have been listed on exchanges including Mercatox, BCNEX, DDEX, Bithumb Global, SWFT, Bilaxy, Play Royal and p2pb2b.

You can see some of our highlights in this short video:

What’s Next?

We are currently in talks with further exchanges and some of the future initiatives we have planned include a holder airdrop campaign, further exchange listings, an Ask Me Anything, and a brand new development.

Dynamite Token has a bright future ahead of it. This is all thanks to a dedicated and hard-working team and a community that believes in us.

Further Information / Links

Contract address:

Team Wallets:

Wallet 1 (

Wallet 2 (

Wallet 3 (

Development & Marketing Wallet


Token Lock-Up Plan (






P2PB2B (


Website (

Twitter (

Telegram Announcement Channel (

Telegram Game Group (

Instagram (

Youtube (

Github (

Medium (



Dynamite Paper (

Whitepaper (

Roadmap (




DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.

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Dynamite Token Team

Dynamite Token Team

DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.

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