Introducing our NEW NFTs!

Dynamite Token Team
2 min readOct 31, 2021

This Halloween we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new NFTs on Opensea.

A sample of our exclusive NFTs

NFTs are currently taking the world by storm and we believe they are an ideal fit for DYNMT.

We have listened to feedback from the community following our initial NFT pilot and we are really excited to share the next phase of our plans with you.

So today we are releasing our first set of 50 NFT designs. Each series will be limited to 100 pieces and the price will be set at $10 each so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to purchase one. Best of all, using the Polygon network means we can keep fees as low as possible.

Future plans

All funds raised from the sale of NFTs will be put back into the project. As we are a community based project we have limited funds available so this will be used for funding developers, ramping up our marketing activity, building new partnerships and, and providing more liquidity for exchanges which we know our community has been asking for. Furthermore, we also plan to create our own NFT marketplace where you will be able to trade NFTs using DYNMT.

Going into 2022, we plan to release several NFT drops throughout the year, coinciding with key events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, LGBT History Month and more, reflecting on and celebrating our diverse community.

This is an exciting time for DYNMT and, with your help, we can really take the project to a whole new level.

Plus: We will have a few more surprises in store for our followers including NFT giveaways and special community events.

We thank you for your continued patience and support and look forward to hearing what you think.

Guide: How to use the Polygon network to purchase our NFTs on Opensea without the high fees!

1. Open the Metamask extension and click the “Ethereum Mainnet” button.

2. Select “Custom RPC”.

3. Enter the following:

4. Click save.

5. You can now purchase Matic from an exchange and deposit it into your wallet.

6. To swap Matic to use in Opensea, click on your Matic asset in your wallet then select the swap button.

7. Choose the amount to convert into eth then select the slippage (you may need to try a custom percentage such as 4%)

8. Congratulations — you can now use your ETH on the Polygon network in Opensea without paying the huge ETH fees!


We have kept one exclusive NFT behind for a lucky winner. To be in with a chance of winning, make sure you follow us / give us a like on opensea and retweet this post:



Dynamite Token Team

DYNMT is a Deflationary Cryptocurrency with a 2% Burn Rate an initial supply of 900,000.